Left-wing activist attacks slightly less left-wing friend for easy win

He simply couldn't help himself

Friends arguing

It was a feeling too strong to resist when local socialist Ben Schaffer took his slightly more conservative housemate Penny Chang to task over her opinions on immigration last night.

After a long day of arguing with trolls online and making compelling points that fell on deaf, right-wing ears, Schaffer could not help but vindicate himself by exploiting the politeness and guilt his long-time friend would afford him over dinner.

When Chang suggested that refugee policy needed a major overhaul but that the nation’s safety could be considered, Schaffer launched into a speech worthy of TEDxSydney.

While better saved for an audience of people with vastly different views, the rant was tactfully deployed in front of friends and allies whom Schaffer knew would concede to his points.

“He probably didn’t need to lecture Penny on the finer points of immigration policy given that we all attend rallies together,” said fellow housemate Alexis DeWit. “Also, his arguments seemed a bit too practiced for it to actually be off the cuff. I think maybe he’s imagined saying this before to some hard-line Liberals, but only felt safe to stand up and say it to us.”

While Chang expected a brief apology to be issued over breakfast the next day, Schaffer did not so much as an acknowledgement of the altercation.

“Last time he felt this good was  when his grandma said something homophobic,” said DeWit. “Naturally, Ben condemned her behaviour. Privately. On the car ride home.”

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