Less attractive friend recruits hotter friend for display picture

Willie Donnel is not attractive

Two friends

A local man has dealt with a growing unattractiveness issue by enlisting the help of a much more attractive friend to lift the overall look of his recent display picture.

The change can’t come fast enough for Willie Donnel, an unattractive Sydney male, after a string of unsuccessful uploads in the past few years.

“I didn’t get much attention on my one of me at my high school graduation, even though I had a suit on and I was looking kinda suave.”

Donnel disclosed that his display picture before this was a photo of a Lamborghini from Google Images, even though he has since deleted the picture from his “profile pictures” album.

Donnel snagged the opportunity to recruit local hot guy Jamie Bryce for the photo at a mutual friend’s party when a photographer visited the snacks table where they both were.

Bryce says he has to this day, had little association with Donnel.

“I met the guy a few times, I think. He seems alright.”

However, the photo is embellished with a faded meme, asking Facebook users to “name a more iconic duo” despite the pair not having any prior history.

The move has the added bonus of attracting extra attention and likes from figures who are unfamiliar with Donnel. What appears to be happening is that Willie’s acquaintances are liking the photo thinking he’s me, basically,” said Bryce about the recent change.

“It’s not a hard mistake to make, actually. I’m in a much more prominent position in the photo, with Willie on the side. He’s barely in the photo, actually.”

Bryce was unaware the change was going to take place.

Donnel is currently on the look out for even more attractive friends off the back of his recent success.