Meet the telepathic twins who just send memes to each other

These twins have power you can't imagine.

Imagine for a second that you have the power of telepathy. You might think that being able to receive and transmit thoughts wirelessly from your brain would qualify you for an exciting life akin to that of an X-Man – from the popular comic series X-Men. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. As telepathic twins Alysha and Sebastian Lovell explain, it’s really just a means to an end.

“I mainly use it if my phone’s dead or if there’s really poor reception. That’s pretty much the only time I’ll talk brain-to-brain with Seb,” says Alysha. “And that’s assuming I have anything to say to Seb. It’s like, how often does a normal person talk to their brother anyway?”

“I just use it for memes,” her brother interjects. “Sometimes Aly isn’t in a certain group on Facebook but I want to tag her in a meme, so I’ll just open up our mind tunnel instead and let her see through my eyes for a second.”

When pressed for any details on pranks they’ve pulled or psychic schemes they hatched as kids, the pair come up empty.

“We didn’t do that as kids,” says Alysha. “The most Seb would do is transmit The Simpsons to me if netball ran late and I was still on the bus at six. But then I got an iPod anyway.”

“Sometimes I do think there is more we could offer the world,” says Sebastian with a sigh. “But, then again, it’s barely a superpower. I can just talk to my sister from very far away.”