Skaters unhappy that USyd Radical Sex and Consent Week has co-opted their slang

Skaters Ollie, 15, and Luke, 16, aren’t stoked.

Local extreme sports enthusiasts have criticised the University of Sydney’s Radical Sex and Consent Week, claiming the terminology of the event – the term “radical” — represents theft of skate culture.

The skater community has previously struggled to reclaim their use of “radical” from extremist religious groups and chemical ions that carry charge.

“Totally not mondo, dude,” local skater Ollie Elsesser told The Garter. “Yo, we’re chill for some gnarly convos about diverse sexualities, genders, and sexual health, but we’re pretty bummed that the poseurs at the University didn’t give us a shoutout, you know what I’m saying?”

One of the skating community’s biggest complaints is that they feel as if “radical” is an inappropriate way to describe intimacy.

Elsesser explained: “Brah, the most righteous sex I’ve ever had could be described with three words: festy, tubular, and consensual. As if they didn’t call it ‘Tubular Sex and Consent Week’?”

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