SRC Election – Honi Soit Projection

The charts in this article will update live as our exit poll figures come in.

Disclaimer: Honi Editors Lamya Rahman and Liam Donohoe are not involved in any decisions or contributions to USU Board Election coverage.

Exit Poll Breakdown

We counted a total of 1502 votes during our exit poll. In the world where our voters where the only voters, this is how it would work:

A candidate would need 751 votes or more to be guaranteed President.


Alex received 219 votes in our exit poll. This means he would be excluded first. His preferences would flow to Adriana, Lara and Jacky.


Count 2 shows How Alex’s preferences flowed, with the majority 64%, or 118 votes flowing to Lara. Based on these calculations, Adriana would be excluded next and we move on to count 3.


In count 3, we calculated Alex’s third preferences and where they flowed, as well as Adriana’s second preferences. We also took into account how Adriana’s preferences flowed if they first went to Alex, and then went to Jacky and Lara. Ultimately, after these calculations on Count 3, Lara sat on 600 votes with 40% of the vote, and Jacky had 819 with 54% and 6% informal votes.

As for the Honi Race, we exit polled 1284 Honi voters and Spice is sitting on 64% of the vote, with 816 votes. Pictures of Spiderman and Honey Soy received 241 and 227 votes in our exit poll respectively, with 19 and 18% of the vote.

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It’s showtime for our four presidential candidates, 78 councillor tickets, seven NUS tickets and three Honi Soit teams. Election day is here, and campaigners will be scrambling to get voters over the line. The following two charts—first and second preferences respectively—will update in real time as we receive polling figures.



The recap so far

Based on our exit polling of nearly 1000 voters on pre-poll and Day 1, Jacky He (Panda) is still out front, though he longer has a majority of first preferences. Instead, he’s sitting on 45.7 per cent of the vote. Adriana Malavisi (Reboot/Unity) and Lara Sonnenschein (Groots) have inched up their first preference total by about two per cent each: Malavisi is now on 19.3 per cent, and Sonnenschein is on 21.6 per cent. Alex Yang (Advance) is still in last place with 13.3 per cent—up by less than a percentage point from his pre-poll total.

Read the full breakdown here.