USU Board Candidates 2019: Zizheng (Oscar) Bai

Honi's profile and full interview with 2019 USU Board Candidate Zizheng (Oscar) Bai


Masters of Project Management

“For Better, For Future”.

Quiz Score: 28%

Interviewed by Joe Verity and Alan Zheng. 

Candidate Profile: 

During his interview, Oscar Bai explained that he had taken a critical thinking course during his undergraduate degree. We can only assume that it must have enthusiastically championed the virtues of Benthamite utilitarianism, as the will of the majority seems to play a critical role in Bai’s approach to leadership. One can almost hear Alexis de Tocqueville rolling in his grave when Bai promises that, in the absence of any declared political philosophy, the sole factor informing his decisions will be “what benefits the most students.”

From the small number of policies Bai disclosed at the time of his interview, several were relatively redundant in light of existing programs offered by the USU and the University, including advertising USU job availabilities to students and a career mentorship program similar to ones already run by various societies. Bai also had no prepared approach to the issue of C&S funding, which most other candidates identified as a key issue in this election. From the small number of policies he did propose, including extending the opening hours of USU stores into the night and the establishment of a McDonald’s on campus, Bai seemed to demonstrate a vague tendency towards commercialism, though conceded that this was only because he perceived it to be in the interest of the majority of students.

Bai has a frankly inadequate knowledge of the USU for the role of Director, and is all too willing to defer to the will of the majority when asked about his guiding principles. For those who are seeking a candidate whose views are entirely malleable, Bai may be the right choice. However, those looking for an informed or principled candidate may question his credentials.