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Local gay centrist moved by compelling Meryl Streep performance to become a Thatcherite

Streep's performance as Margaret Thatcher was all Chester Greenfield needed to finally commit to one side of the political spectrum.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

In an entirely expected twist, local gay centrist Chester Greenfield has joined his leafy suburb’s chapter of the Young Liberals after watching Meryl Streep’s commanding performance as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

The WHO did identify the film’s Thatcher friendly messaging as a risk when it first came out with the Director of Public Cinematic Health stating that “On its own, the narrative of the film is harmless, but when presented by such a raw theatrical force as Meryl Streep…well, that’s when things get messy”.

Chester has a different story “The Iron Lady just helped me realised what I already knew all along” he told our investigative team while making an anti-union poster (which he plans to put up at school) on Microsoft Word.

“The reality is that British coal miners have to end this striking nonsense immediately. They’re bringing the country to its knees. It’s totally unpatriotic what with the Falklands crisis and everything.” The remainder of the interview was spent explaining to Chester that he did not live in 1980s Britain.

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