Semester 1 Week 12 Editorial

The editorial of our Semester 1 Week 12 edition.

Art by Aiden Magro.

Every incoming editor wonders what their term taking care of this paper will look like. It’s safe to say that whilst I entertained many thoughts in my head, I never anticipated we’d be covering the biggest event of our lifetimes, for the most part separated from each other in our bedrooms. I miss campus deeply — sitting leisurely at Hermanns as friends pour in and out like the jugs we laugh over, watching people pick up our weekly edition off the stands, and the way that this pandemic has stifled spontaneity in our social interactions, as Claire (p.16) so eloquently writes about.

With USU voting occurring online this week, I’m even nostalgic for in-person campaigning, the free beer vouchers handed out at Manning as polling draws to a sunset close, and of course the famous anti-Liberal chants. Thankfully at least gossip (p.3) transcends the physical realm. 

Yet this crisis has both revealed and exacerbated existing inequalities on campus. 40 per cent wage cuts have been applied to USU staff, the University wants to gut 30 per cent of Arts and Social Sciences courses and the government has once again shown complete disdain for international student welfare. The residential colleges sit almost empty, as students have returned to heated homes, even as First Nations people live in poverty just down the road.

This week Honi breaks an exclusive story on St Andrew’s (p.6), detailing instances of hazing, sexism, and white nationalist sentiment within the College. That all we have reported on has occurred post Broderick Review, with the aim of ‘cultural renewal’ is enlightening. Indeed, those that were weary of reviews, and superficial tinkering seem to have been proven correct. This story provides the inspiration for this week’s cover. Drawing on the work of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, my wonderfully talented friend Aidy has drawn a fictional occupation of St Andrew’s College. 

In particular, I’d like to thank 1966 Honi editor, Hall Greenland for returning to this paper’s pages to pay tribute to the legendary Jack Mundey (p.11), Samuel Garrett for his excellent feature (p.12), my own reporters for contributing, in large part to this edition, and all whistleblowers who dare to speak out, even when it puts their safety and wellbeing at potential risk.

This is the penultimate edition of Honi this semester, the last regular one as the Queer Collective edits next week. I’d like to wish them good luck, and give everyone else my best wishes for upcoming exams. Have a restful winter break, and I hope to see you on campus soon.

In solidarity,

Lara Sonnenschein

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