Who? Weekly: The Honi race

The scandalous journey of a currently uncontested ticket.

It’s been a tumultuous few months for the Honi hopefuls looking to replace us.

After being unceremoniously ousted from an ostensibly Grassroots ticket (Vivienne Guo, Ellie Stephenson, Claire Ollivain, Kedar Maddali, Kiki Amberber), things weren’t looking too crash hot for Sad Shania O’Brien (unaligned).

AND THEN! Sad Shania was revealed to be Sneaky Shania, and set about forming her own ticket, poaching two newer members (Jeffrey Khoo, Deaundre Espejo) of the aforementioned Grassroots ticket in the process. These two tickets have now merged, forming a tight ten and leaving a few disgruntled people in their wake.

The full ten includes: Shania O’Brien, Vivienne Guo, Claire Ollivain, Jeffrey Khoo, Deaundre Espejo, Marlow Hurst, Juliette Marchant, Max Shanahan, Alice Trenoweth-Creswell and Will Solomon.

The team are believed to be looking for an 11th editor and are currently searching for a manager too — even sliding into the DMs of some current editors to ask the favour!

There’s no word yet of a second ticket in the race — the remnants of the Grassroots ticket (Kedar Maddali, Ellie Stephenson, Roisin Murphy) were apparently planning on still running following the merger, though with nominations due soon, it’s unclear whether anything will come of it.

Whispers of a conservative run are eerily quiet, and with what’s sure to be a less dramatic election than normal given campus foot traffic, we can only hope for an election that’s at least contested!