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LEAKED NU(de)S: NatCon 2021 Exec Exposed

What to expect from Day 2 of NatCon.

So, we’re at the end of Day 1 of NatCon, commonly described as a disgusting, appalling, disgraceful affair. If things continue on as they did today, with chapter Chairs going on to mute delegates who talk past their allocated speaking time and ignoring people’s pleas to be added to the speaking list, we may be in for an early wrap tomorrow. 

Today saw lots of calls for transparency of the democratic process, which stands in contrast to the number of backroom deals and pre-con negotiations that are in practice. 

As part of the sweetheart deal between National Labor Students and Student Unity, the coveted position of President has been tipped to go to Zoe Ranganathan (NLS) from the Australian National University. Honi understands that there were whispers of this position previously going to Josh Rayner (NLS) from Flinders University, but our sources are obviously dried up hacks. Please send us useful tips. 

In addition, the General Secretary will allegedly go to Param Mahal (SU) from the Swinburne University of Technology as part of the same deal. 

The position of National Education Officer has come under intense scrutiny this year as Grassroots Independents (GI) candidate Lincoln Aspinall took — Honi can confirm — the most heat from the Zoom call. He was constantly attacked and belittled but did not come on camera or defend himself against any of it. The position is tipped to go to Christopher Hall (GI) from Curtin University — who did not say much in the call but was very active in the Zoom chat. Honi wonders if this says anything about his potential term as NUS Education Officer. 

Women’s Officer will probably go to a Student Unity candidate from the Australian National University, but there is a slight possibility that the position will go to a SAlt delegate. It is unclear if pigs will fly before or after that happens.

The Grindies are tipped to receive one of the Queer/LGBTI officers with a candidate from Curtin University.


10:51 am: NLS is tipped to receive the other Queer Officer who is a candidate from Monash University, and a couple of insistent people in our anonymous tip form are lobbying for Josh Rayner. Apologies to the dried up hacks.

Honi has also spoken with SAlt presidential candidate Natalie Acreman from RMIT, but they all but confirmed SAlt was mainly going to use their speeches for all OB positions to make an argument for what role they think the OBs should play in the incoming year — which is a focus on the education campaigns. Tell us something we don’t know!

Stay tuned.

More to come. 

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