Editorial: Week 3, Semester 1

The death of news could not come soon enough...

Art by Shania O'Brien

I started reading Honi when my fellow editor Shania made me. It wasn’t what I was expecting. There was a lot of news. It was very confusing. But I recognise that news is important. With this in mind, there is news in this edition. I tried to push back, but they made me. They said I’d never write again if I refused. Pls send help. I’m locked in the Honi offices and I have one can of whipped cream lef—

Week 3 is jam packed with some excellent articles. Ariana Haghighi brought her A-game this week with Pigeon Power: In Appreciation Of Our Feathered Friends. An ode to the hard work of pigeons throughout the ages. It’s funny, irreverent, and historical without being dry. While this edition doesn’t have a feature, I consider this the next best thing. It’s as esoteric as esoteric can get, but I love it!

Danny Cabubas explored anime’s rampant queer baiting in Yuri on Thin Ice. Not only is this a historical issue for the medium, but one persevering to this day. As with all media, it’s important for fans and fandom to examine their subjects critically. Danny explores this tension between appreciation and examination beautifully. There’s much work to do, but Danny’s helping us get there!

Niamh Gallagher bites into the juicy peach of queer poetry in Sapphic Fruits in Goblin Market. While I’m against all forms of poetry in principle, this article won me over. While I still must object to the very medium, I can appreciate the depth of meaning in Goblin Market and its delightful queer subtext.

These are just three of my favourites from this week. Three articles which I think encapsulate the spirit of Honi: students writing on things they’re passionate about. They’re not necessarily relevant to USyd students as a broader demographic, but they’re relevant to individual students. It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the logic trap of student relevance. Relevance to the university or higher education aren’t the only things which qualify an article. By virtue of a student wanting to write about something, anything can be relevant.

If this editorial leaves you with anything let it be that Courtyard has refused to warm up my muffins for three whole years! I still don’t know why and will investigate further, but I really needed to tell someone. So, anyway, enjoy the edition!

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