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RepsElect 2021: as it happened

Rolling updates from within the Zoom.

5:10 – We’re yet to start.

5:16 – We’ve reached quorum, but the quorum count is yet to be called.

5:26 We’re still waiting on SRC President Swapnik Sanagavarapu call a quorum count.

5:29 – Council Secretary Julia Robins once again reminds Swapnik that we are ready to start.

5:31 – Swapnik officially opens the meeting. Reflects on the SRC’s achievements during his term.

5:34 – Swapnik hands the Chair over to SRC President-elect Lauren Lancaster. Lauren outlines her vision for the SRC.

5:38 – Lauren hands the Chair to EO Riki Scanlan.

5:43 – Discussion has begun on speaking time limits.

5:43 – The EO has nominated 1 minute 30 seconds per nominee, with 45 seconds per candidate for joint nominees.

5:44 – Lily Campbell proposes 2 minutes per candidate. Julia advises “we will be here till 3am.”

5:46 – Speaking time has been put to a vote.

5:48 – The procedural motion passes, the speaking time will be 2 minutes.

Vice President

5:55 – Eddie Stephenson (SAlt) nominates for Vice President. Mikaela Pappou (NLS) and Emily Storey (Engineers) nominate jointly for Vice President.

5:58 – Eddie Stephenson withdraws.

5:59 – Mikaela Pappou delivers their speech from in front of the Carslaw toilet entrances.

6:00 – Emily Storey also delivers their speech from in front of the Carslaw toilet entrances. Declaring they have a “shit load” of experience.

6:01 – Mikaela Pappou (NLS) and Emily Storey (Engineers) are elected unopposed as Vice Presidents.

General Secretary

6:01 – Annabel Pettit (SAlt?) nominates for General Secretary. Alana Ramshaw (Switchroots) and Grace Lagan (Unity) nominate jointly for General Secretary.

6:05 – Alana and Grace both deliver their speeches.

6:08 – Annabel Pettit delivers their speech AND their withdrawal in the same breath.

6:11 – Alana Ramshaw (Switchroots) and Grace Lagan (Unity) are elected unopposed as General Secretaries.

General Executive

6:11 – Celestia Wang (Penta), Cooper Gannon (Liberal), Daniel Bowron (Unity), Nicole Yang (Penta), Owen Marsden-Readford (SAlt), Tiger Perkins (Switchroots), and Yunshu Chen (Penta) all nominate for General Executive.

6:12 – Celestia Wang speaks for a tight 30 or so seconds. We love to see it!

6:15 – Cooper Gannon’s nomination was declared invalid as they are not currently a Councillor and General Executives are required to be a Councillor.

6:18 – Daniel Bowron gives their speech and Owen Marsden-Readford’s nomination is declared invalid as they are also not a Councillor.

6:20 – Nicole Yang gives their speech and notes that they are a member of Penta “not that any of you would remember.”

6:20 – Tiger Perkins gives their speech.

6:20 – Yunshu Chen gives their speech.

6:27 – Celestia Wang, Daniel Bowron, Nicole Yang, Tiger Perkins, and Yunshu Chen are all elected to the General Executive.

Education Officers

6:29 – Rory Larkins (Solidarity) nominates for Education Officer. Lia Perkins (Switchroots) and Deaglan Godwin (SAlt) nominate jointly for Education Officer.

6:30 – Akee Elliott (SAlt) says they nominated as well, but Lia Perkins speaks over them with her rousing speech.

6:31 – EO recognises that Akee Elliott did indeed nominate.

6:33 – Deaglan gives their speech.

6:35 – Akee Elliott gives their speech, Yoshi pillow in hand.

6:38 – Rory Larkins gives their speech. Angus Dermody (Solidarity) says “yay rory.”

6:40 – Akee Elliott withdraws their nomination, but Rory Larkins does not. The first vote of the night!

7:02 – We have relocated to Carslaw!

7:02 – While we were away, Deaglan Godwin and Lia Perkins were elected Education Officers.

Women’s Officers

7:03 – Maddie Clark (Unaligned) and Monica McNaught-Lee (Unaligned) are the two collective preselected nominees for Women’s Officer. Yasmine Johnson (SAlt) also nominates.

7:05 – Maddie Clarke and Monica McNaught-Lee are both elected Women’s Officers.

7:06 – Someone moves a motion to reduce the speaking time to 1 minute per nominee.

7:07 – Motion withdrawn.

Welfare Officers

7:08 – Eamonn Murphy (Switchroots) and Jason Zhang nominate jointly for the position. Grace Wallman (Switchroots) and Yasmine Johnson (SAlt) jointly nominate for the position. Simon Upitis (SAlt) also nominates.

7:17 – Everyone but Grace speaks to their nomination.

7:17 – Eamonn Murphy, Jason Zhang, Grace Wallman, and Yasmine Johnson are elected Welfare Officers.

Ethnocultural Officers

7:19 – Misbah Ansari and Anya Doan nominate jointly nominate for Ethnocultural Officer. Ashrika Paruthi nominates for Ethnocultural Officer. Jasmine Al-Rawi nominates for Ethnocultural Officer.

Environment Officers

7:45 – Ishbel Dunsmore (Switchroots) and Lydia Hannah Ellias (SAlt) nominate for Enviro Officer. Tiger Perkins (Switchroots), Angus Dermody (Solidarity) jointly nominate for the position. Angus, Tiger and Ishbel will be elected.

Global Solidarity Officers

7.59 Jasmine Al-Rawi (SAlt) nominates for Global Solidarity. Yang Tu and Julia Tran jointly nominate for the position, as do Owen Marsden-Readford (SAlt) and Mahmoud Al Rifai (Switchroots).

8:15 Tengfei Pan (Penta), Julia Tran (Unity), and Yang Tu (Penta) are elected Global Solidarity officers.

This marked the end of “RepsElect 2021: as it happened.” To follow along with the rest of Honi’s RepsElect coverage see our recap article and the Twitter thread.