And then there were six: Aydin Varol Quits USU Board Race

With the current numbers, only one candidate will fail to be elected.

Joke candidate in the USU Board Election Aydin Varol has dropped out of the election, leaving just six candidates remaining. 

Varol, who was running on a ‘platform’ centring nuclear power, NFT art and “a private armed security service run by the USU”, announced his withdrawal to Honi last night. In his interview with Honi, he claimed the campaign was attempting to reveal the “toxicity” of stupol.

Varol cited “the nature of student politics” as the reason for his decision. This announcement came just hours after his interview with Honi.

Varol is a former member of centre-Left faction Switch, but was not running with the support of the faction. He was being managed by fellow ex-Switch member and former candidate Jayfel Tulabing, who dropped out of the race a fortnight ago. 

The six remaining candidates are Nicholas Dower, Onor Nottle, K Phillips, Alexander Poirier, Madhullikaa Singh and Naz Sharifi. Five positions on the Board are up for grabs.