2022 SRC faction profile: Independents Inc.

Honi's profile of SRC Council ticket brand, Independents Inc.

Art by Sam Randle.

Honi Soit approached Independents Inc’s Michael Grenier, who rejected an appointment and offered the following message: “We are the Independents Inc. Fuck racism and fuck the Socialists :)”

Council tickets: Independents for Cohesion, Independents for Transparency, Independents for Change

Having established a formal alliance with INTERPOL, Independents Inc, composed of three tickets: Independents for Cohesion, Transparency and Change, submitted a broadly conservative vision for the SRC. Among the group’s priorities is calling for increased transparency in the SRC, pushing for the SRC to fully publish its expenditure, stipends and decision-making. However, the vast majority of this information is already publicly available via Executive minutes, SRC meetings, and Honi, so it is hard to see the coalition offering anything new to students.

Disclaimer: Zara Zadro was, until recently, a member of Switch. She was not involved in any of our election coverage.