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Construction to commence on Fisher Library rooftop terrace

The refurbishment of the rooftop terrace will align with the library’s mid-century design.

The Fisher Library rooftop in May 2022. Photo by Thomas Sargeant.

The Fisher Library rooftop terrace, which has been closed for 30 years, is set to soon reopen following an Honi Soit article.

Honi has been informed that work is set to take place on the rooftop over summer, alongside a suite of other projects, including the addition of two all gender bathrooms and one accessible all gender bathroom.

Honi was able to access the rooftop in May with permission from the University’s head librarian. The space was entirely untouched – it still featured the same benches and signage from the 1960s. The lack of maintenance also meant that the structure itself was not yet safe for student use.

Early plans for the rooftop’s reopening envisioned a renewed leisure space, featuring shade, chairs and tables which align with the library’s mid-century heritage design. 

The rooftop under construction. Via University Archives.

Despite facing expected labour and supply shortages, and pending rainfall across the summer period, the University hopes to complete the bulk of construction by Semester One 2023. Work will not commence until after this year’s exam period to avoid disruption.

Should the refurbishment be completed for 2023, the rooftop’s reopening will align with the library’s 60th birthday – a fitting nod to its original vision as a place of both work and relaxation.