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While I sympathise with SST’s anti-development line, I cannot believe that the solution to conserving Sydney’s trees can be achieved by a simple change of government. What is required is a celebration of trees for their intrinsic value, their character, their sense of place. It is in these famous trees that we find places. There is nothing delicate in a belief like that.

Trees are all around us… and they are always listening. But they’re not nosy like your next-door neighbour, so you don’t need to worry about them prying into your nonexistent love life and crippling job prospects.

As a result of its continued accommodation for carbon offsetting, the Safeguard Mechanism incentivises investment in offset and abatement programs, drawing investment away from the critically important expansion of renewable energy infrastructure.

It is difficult to understand oneself without there being an environment to contextualise that life, and it is more difficult to understand environmental decay in a world that lacks artistic continuity.