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Marguerite’s Theorem has clear ambitions: it wants to be a feminist film about a strong, brilliant young woman who pursues her dreams and changes the world. However, it feels more like a film about a miserable egomaniac, whose obsessive and irreverent view of the world blinds her to the goodness in other people.

The scepticism aura-ing each character suffuses, never suffocates. Freud’s Last Session, while a grave title, has a feather touch. If this movie marks a revitalisation of Freud as person rather than Freud as stereotype, perhaps it is appropriate that his unearthing requires a little tenderness.

YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME is an engrossing, nauseatingly intentional masterpiece of Australian horror that eschews the paranormal in favour of earthly terrors; a film so efficient in its purpose that I would gladly never watch it again.