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A few years after we lost my nonna, Franco was diagnosed with dementia. These first few years were the hardest. A social man and a great orator, he slowly withdrew into himself. Yet, over time, parts of Nonno’s personality began to bear fruit again.

Through stuttered sobs, I thanked him for being a good grandad. He snorted; “I haven’t done much”. I said that he had, trying to articulate through my running nose and gasping breath how much he had done for me, but in the moment, I couldn’t.

It takes genuine effort to recall the sequence of events in the unfolding global catastrophe of COVID-19. Instead, I am left only with memories of reconnecting with nature and family, and discovering new friends and new eyes through which to see the city I had spent so much time as a child.

Some may wonder why Sydney’s last video rental store mattered in the age of streaming. But for Sydney’s film enthusiasts it was a haven of long-lost cult classics and community.