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He died in 2022, so the joke’s on him, I suppose. For someone who thought everyone else was an idiot, he was the one who wasted his life wallowing in superiority.

Systematic as a diagram, but ridiculous in their scope of possibility, the modern grocery store represents to me all the richness of existing in space.

Maybe we are entitled to hope, to take heart from the fact that the blistering developments of modern art have not obsoleted Rubens, but perhaps an existential reckoning is already inescapable. 

We need to be able to discuss new technologies critically. To be able to question whether we really them in society, whether we are ready to accept the consequences of their usage, and to decide how they should be regulated.

We are the lucky ones. Why, then, do we feel so unlucky? There are more homeless on the streets every day, turtles prised from their shells. 

Taking photos—an instinctual human gesture. It’s impossible to imagine their absence, a time
when time could not be recorded and printed and revisited (or uploaded, to our lifelong
construction of a mausoleum in the cloud).