Things We’re Contractually Obliged To Tell You

A quick and dirty guide to university.

A quick and dirty guide to university.

Accumulated quasi-wisdom

Google “[name of textbook] + pdf” to avoid buying textbooks, or photocopy the ones in the library.

Faculty camps are fun, but be warned: hacks will try to recruit you into their political faction.

The University offers general bursaries of up to $1000 for students in need (as long as you haven’t failed a subject) and nobody applies for them. They can be used for buying textbooks, and paying bills and rent.

You’re not obligated to stay in your degree or at university. Don’t be afraid to switch degrees, defer, or drop out. There’s nothing to stop you from returning later.

Know the census date (March 31).  Also, find out about your faculty’s simple extension policy. Trust us.

The campus medical service is in the Wentworth building. They are discrete and bulk bill students. Counsellors are also available.

Gender neutral bathrooms are available downstairs in the Holme Building and in the SRC offices in the Wentworth buildimg. There is also a unisex bathroom in the US Studies Building.



In happy hour, Hermanns sells $3.50 Boags schooners, Chardonnay, Cabernet Shiraz and bubbles. In general, alcohol is always cheaper off campus.


Sign up for VegeSoc in O-Week, and take advantage of their weekly unlimited lunch for $5. On their off-days, you can get pide from UniBros ($4.50) or a pasta of the day from Courtyard ($6.80~ on ACCESS). Greek society also offers $2 kebabs every second Wednesday. Food gets cheaper towards the end of the day, especially at Miso Honi (4pm give-away!… Name, no relation) and Azuri (though see our coverage of their salmonella scandal in 2014).  Bringing food from home? Microwaves are available in Fisher, Wentworth, and the Wom*n’s Room in Manning.


You can buy cheap Dendy tickets from the International Student desk on the top floor of the Wentworth building, where there are also a large number of pool tables. The library also has a huge film collection, so you can rent anything for nothing.


At $13.80 per week including classes, Victoria Park Pool Gym is better value than the Sydney Uni gym, which your SSAF fees are already paying for….


The Forest Lodge Hotel offers the cheapest student jug  for $9 and student pizzas for $10, even if half the bartenders don’t actually know about the student deals.

Looking to get off campus? A shuttle bus leaves from Fisher library at night to take you to Redfern.

Campus security will give you a lift to a local station if you ask (sometimes).

If you sign up to eduroam you get free wifi on every University campus.

The best lunch specials along King St are cheap Japanese at Hikaru, $5 lunches at Thairiffic and Rowda Ya-Habibi’s kebabs, which are all more than worth the travel.

‘Parking spots’ are a social construct, however there are SOME theoretically illegal spots that go unchecked by local inspectors.

If you need somewhere to sleep, speak to the SRC. STUCCO, a housing co-op on Wilson St, Newtown, offers crisis accommodation for students in need. The SRC can also help with emergency loans, and offer caseworkers to untangle bills.