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First Year Student Still Excited

Adam Chalmers met a firsty in the flesh.

Adam Chalmers met a firsty in the flesh.

Selfie by Frankie Hossack 

Juliette Wakefield – Julez or Julezzy to her friends – described herself as “having a great time at uni” and “still excited” today.

In an exclusive interview with Honi, Ms. Wakefield, 18, said she’s been “finding lectures hard” but has enjoyed a number of free barbecues.

“I’ve been to 23 different club events already! I even made a friend at one!” she said, excitedly showing Honi a picture of Ms. Abigail Wong, a 19-year-old Archaeology student.

Ms. Wong could not be reached for comment.

Ms. Wakefield has missed “a couple of lectures” but doubts this trend will continue.

“This week was an exception, because I was so excited to go to all these events. Next week I’m going to go to every lecture – even the 8 AM maths one.”

Experts remain cautiously optimistic about the claims.

At time of writing, Ms. Wakefield was “very excited to be in a real-life student newspaper!”