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That one time at camp…

Emily Shen reviews the first year camps

Emily Shen reviews the first year camps

You’ve signed up for 52, wait no, 53 different societies and you’ve bought your ACCESS card. Good job, first year: that’s OWeek done and dusted. But, by Week 1, it’s all about the faculty camp.

Here’s a quick and dirty guide to what’s on offer:

Law Camp

If you’re into baguettes and got an ATAR above 99, you will find your people here. Law camp is one of the most popular events on the SULS calendar and you’re sure to be your tipsy best without moving into lawsuit territory. Many a selective school virginity has been lost (and never found again) in these hallowed bunk beds but, don’t worry, there are condoms in the rooms because #safesexissexy.

Rating: four UDLs and a onesie

Arts Camp

Beware. Arts camp is hack central and, if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself in a fluoro tee before the end of semester one.

That said, Arts camp is reputed to be loads of fun. There’s (a lot of) goon, good times and you’ll definitely walk away from it with plenty friends with which you can reunite at the annual SASS pub crawl.

Daytime activities are advertised, but, as my friend put it: “I honestly can’t remember [them], how tragic!”

Rating: three goon sacks and an A frame

Business Camp

Prepare yourself because this is probably the only time you’re ever going to see your business buddies in non-business attire at uni. Good people, good drinks – and it’ll be good networking practice for the future, so remember your business cards.

Rating: +1 endorsement for networking on LinkedIn

Science Camp

Unaware that this camp existed? Same! Perhaps it’s existed in a gravitational wormhole?

Rating: ???????? Have fun, I guess. The poster for this year looks great.


“Hilarious”, “wild as fuck” and “in the middle of nowhere” are some of the responses I get when I ask my friends about the Bachelor of International and Global Studies camp. Go forth and conquer!

Rating: dix sur dix