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The parties’ party

David Hogan went to a stupol party. Of his own volition.

David Hogan went to a stupol party. Of his own volition.

It was the most anticipated gathering of the stupol elite since #repselect, only this time the police didn’t rock up. Outgoing SUPRA Christian Jones (MP to be?) set about the task of uniting the factions over shots and Pokémon Go, and the BNOCs heeded his cry.

The theme was decidedly ‘stupol’, and revellers donned coloured shirts from the campaigns of yesterday: Unleash Alisha, Back Jack, Is Dom, Is Good. You name it, the shirt and slogan was there.

The night started at Kuletos, giving reason for the Liberals in the crowd to be doubly proud. They could barely contain themselves in their RM’s and chinos, as they celebrated the election result and the opportunity to support small business. Mirroring the diminishing Greens presence in Federal Parliament, there was a small turnout from Grassroots. Not one member of SAlt was present – perhaps they were off uniting the workers of the world and starting the revolution to overthrow capitalism. Unity and NLS spent the night happily chatting away like old friends, with the wounds of 2015 healed. Not even the appearance of the odd Sydney Labor Students foot soldier dampened the mood. Perhaps they bonded over the realisation that #billshortenwouldNOTbeprimeminister. The troupe relocated to the Marly’s beer garden, before getting late-night cosy at Kelly’s.

Kudos to Jones – the night was as successful as the golden years of John Howard’s prime ministership. Moments were shared, friendships were made, and for a brief few hours, the differences of politics and ideology were put aside. I’d like to end with “let’s hope these sentiments last for the upcoming SRC election!”, but being a Liberal and a realist, I know this won’t be the case.