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Studio B to be renamed in commemoration of Elliott Miller

Sam Langford and Victoria Zerbst report.

Sam Langford and Victoria Zerbst report.

The performing arts rehearsal space Studio B will be renamed the Elliott Miller Studio this Wednesday, commemorating Elliott Miller, a USyd student who passed away earlier this year. A bench dedicated to Elliott will also be installed on the lawns outside the Cellar Theatre.

The new name and accompanying plaque celebrate Elliott’s enormous contribution to the performing arts community on campus. During his two years at university, he was an actor, director, and Social Secretary for SUDS (Sydney University Dramatic Society), an acclaimed improviser, and a performer in the 2014 and 2015 Sydney University Arts Revues, which he was elected to direct this year.

Bridget Haberecht, Elliott’s partner, suggested to the USU board in April that the spaces be renamed to remember Elliott.

“The studio is where Elliott performed with SUDS for the first time and spent countless hours thereafter throwing his passion into show after show”, she said. “Whilst the phrase ‘hey guys we’re rehearsing in Elliott Miller today’ may take some getting used to, it’s wonderful to think that he’ll be remembered by future students doing the exact same thing.”

USU Board Director Tiff Alexander said the new name and ceremony was “a way we can recognise the impact that someone in our community had on those around them on the terms of those people. I know that as a Board director, I’m grateful to have been trusted with something so important.”

A short ceremony will be held at 1pm on Wednesday the 13th of July, on the lawns outside the Cellar Theatre. More information can be found at the Facebook event here.