LIVE: SRC Election 2023 Day One

Honi beats the heat to bring you live updates on the first day of polling.

Photography by Bipasha Chakraborty

Current election results:

SRC President Primary Votes:

SRC Councillor Primary Votes:

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Live blog

8:45am — polls open outside the Jane Foss Russell Building.

Polls opened at 8:45am this morning, with campaigners beating poll workers to JFR Plaza.
Left Action and Revive were the worst perpetrators of regulations breaches today.
“The line” is harshly enforced by Electoral Officer Riki Scanlan and SRC poll workers.
Spruikers often clash over their political ideologies when trying to win over prospective voters.

10:45amHoni’s exit polling shows a definite swing in favour of Grassroots Presidential candidate Harrison Brennan, with Left Action and Grassroots dominating the preferred vote.

It’s the job of the Electoral Officer to enforce the regulations and keep campaigners in line.
Revive are clearly suffering today, both at the polls and on the campaigning ground.

11:15am — Harrison Brennan maintains his lead over Revive (Labor) candidate Rose Donnelly, while Lift (Liberals) enjoy an uptick in their share of the votes.

12:45pm — the gap between Harrison Brennan and Rose Donnelly is closing, with Brennan leading 56.9% to Donnelly’s 43.1%

5:00pm — With fifteen minutes away from polls closing, campaigners are gathering around JFR with more students met with a barrage of last minute pitches from factional foot soldiers.

It is too early to tell the outcome of the elections with two long days of polling ahead of us. However, with Day One drawing to a close, Brennan remains ahead in the Presidential Race. It seems that the on-the-ground campaigning which brought Left Action success in last year’s election is working, with the most first preference Council votes from Honi‘s exit-poll data thus far, at around 23%. Revive and Grassroots are neck and neck, both holding 17% of the first preference votes.

Notice of Election

All University of Sydney students enrolled in undergraduate degrees or diplomas, or as other non-degree students, are eligible to vote in or nominate for the Annual Elections. 

Nominations are called for the following elections/positions:

ElectionsNumber of Positions
Representatives to the 96th Council37
Editor(s) of Honi Soit1 (Up to 10 people may jointly nominate)
Delegates to the National Union of Students7

On-campus polling will be held on the 19th, 20th, and 21st, September 2023:

Jane Foss Russell:Tues–Thurs8:45am – 5:15pm
Fisher Library:Wed & Thurs8:45am – 5:15pm
Manning House:Wed10:45am – 3:15pm
Conservatorium of Music:Wed10:30am – 3:30pm
Susan Wakil Health Building:Thurs10:45am – 3:15pm
Peter Nicol Russell Building:Thurs10:45am – 3:15pm

The SRC Elections are conducted according to the SRC Constitution & Regulations, which are available here:

Appeals to the decisions of the EO can be directed to the ELA via

For further information, please contact the Electoral Officer via

Election Honi

Read Election Honi here!