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@SydneyUniLibs Twitter account reveals itself as human-fed robot

Justin Pen loves Twitter and hates SULC. His report for the inaugural GronkWatch. Students who took to Twitter to celebrate their admission to the University of Sydney were ambushed by overzealous baby Tories from the Sydney University Liberal Club (SULC) earlier today. Honi can exclusively reveal SULC’s Twitter page contacted at least 19 incoming students. “Congrats! Looking…

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How satire almost sparked a New Year’s Eve terror scare

William Edwards talks to Cam Smith about a comedy article that scared Sydney shitless Satirists have been facing the wrath of a misunderstanding public since Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal some 300 years ago, but last week, comedy provoked widespread panic, as satire website The Sauce became “Australia’s most successful terror organisation by accident”. That distinction…