Entries open for Honi Soit 2021 Writing Competition
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Puzzle Solutions Week 10, Issue 9

Quick: Cryptic   Target: solemness 7 letter words lessens lessons loesses 6 letter words lemons lenses leones lessen lesson losses melons menses mesons messes mosses nesses senses solemn 6 letter words that may be proper nouns: Lemnos 5 letter words loess loses mesne meson moles noels noses omens seels seems semen sense sloes soles sones…

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Solutions week 8

Cryptic   Quick:   Target: 9 letter words haymakers 8 letter words haymaker 7 letter words seamark yashmak 7 letter words that may be proper nouns: Masaryk 6 letter words kasher makers masker samekh shaker 6 letter words that may be proper nouns: Khmers 5 letter words araks asker hakes harks karma kasha maker makes…

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Honi 2015 Semester 2, Week 2 Puzzle Solutions

Cryptic:   Quick:   Nine letter word: reproving ignorer perigon eringo erring gorier govern griper groper ignore ironer orpine perron pigeon proven prover region renvoi ringer ropier envoi genip genro given giver goner gripe grope grove negro ogive opine ovine prier prone prove reign repro ripen riper riven river roger roper rover viper vireo ergo give…