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“The Gap”: Indigenous issues in 2014

The University of Sydney is just a few minutes’ walk away from Redfern Park, where Prime Minister Paul Keating once stood and declared shame on behalf of his country for the crimes committed against Indigenous Australians throughout history.  When Keating stood in in that park and claimed responsibility for these atrocities- admitting, at long last,…

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‘The long haul’

The Redfern Tent Embassy is not just fighting for affordable housing, but Aboriginal autonomy and self-determination, writes Justin Pen.

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Uplifting Redfern

This week marks the end of a month-long campaign by the group Lift Redfern to present a signed petition to the State government to make equitable access to Redfern railway station a priority. The petition needs 10,000 or more signatures in order to be tabled to force debate in New South Wales state parliament.  Last…