Content for the week of January 26

In recognition of January 26, Honi is dedicating its platform this week to prioritising the voices of Indigenous people.

A hand drawn map of part of NSW showing the Indigenous nations. Eora is coloured in.

To assume a collective view of what this day means to members of our Indigenous population would ignore the plurality of their individual voices. At Honi, we pay respects to Elders past and present and recognise that Indigenous land was stolen and never ceded. We also recognise that, regardless of individual opinions surrounding how we should interpret and treat January 26, this day sowed the seeds of many atrocious acts committed against Indigenous Australians.

As such, we have dedicated efforts this week – historically, a week where the voices of Aboriginal peoples were silenced –  to publishing pieces either authored, or featuring the voices of, those who identify as Indigenous. We have left it to the discretion of our contributors to determine what terminology best reflects their treatment of this day.

We recognise that minority groups are often burdened with the task of providing education resources to the general population and especially thank the authors for their time and effort this week.

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