Party attendee found dead after asking other attendee ‘didn’t you wear that yesterday?’

Police say there are no clear suspects.

Detectives are investigating a large house party that they believe may hold the answers to the murder of a young student on Friday evening.

The victim, Tracey Vicksley, was found in a ditch, and had been strangled by a pair of brand new Supre leggings, which are currently being examined for any traces of DNA.

Many witnesses declined to comment. However, sources have told The Garter that there was running tension between Vicksley and a particular suspect, Sarah Belsen.

Police now understand that there was a certain incident that might have lead to the murder.

When questioned, Belsen was adamant to stress that she was herself the victim of wrongdoing. “I was in the middle of telling everybody about my recent Contiki trip. Suddenly, she asked out of nowhere if I ‘wore that yesterday’. I was ambushed.”

Belsen confirmed that she did indeed wear “that outfit” yesterday. “Yeah, I wore it to uni. It’s where I trial most of my outfits. It went off, so I decided I’d wear it again for the house party. I don’t understand what’s so wrong about that.”

The Garter has learned that the well received outfit consisted of black topshop culottes, pink Rihanna x Fenty slides and a Uniqlo top.

“I bumped into Tracey at uni yesterday. She even complimented my outfit. You’d have to be a real dick use something like that against me.”

“What has happened to my daughter is very sad,” said Dianne Vicksley’s, Tracey’s mother. “But what she’s been accused of is inexcusable. I didn’t raise any of my children to engage in that kind of behaviour.”

“If you had clothes that lit, of course you’d wear them all the time.”

One witness, who asked not to be named, was more damning: “There’s a special place in hell for people who ask people if they wore that yesterday.”