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C&S regular can’t decide if they want an interesting AGM or a short AGM

On the one hand...

C&S connoisseur Jenina Pastizzi entered her favoured club AGM with a mind torn in two: does she want a messy, prolonged AGM with factional infighting and executive duels or a short and sharp run through of uncontested positions and 10 second speeches?

Similar thoughts were going through the minds of all AGM and IGM attendants during this year’s C&S election season. USU Honorary Treasurer Vikki Qin said that this was a personal choice which USU members would have to make themselves.

“This is something our members have to grapple with every C&S election season. Our official advice is to commit at least 4 hours if you’re planning on hoping for an interesting AGM or IGM.”

Students will remember last year when the heavyweight Politics Society had a marathon 9 hour AGM, resulting in the death of 3 students and the hospitalisation of another 5. 

While The Boot always supports a messy StuPol stoush, it’s advised that students educate themselves on the risks and hazards of the practice.