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An interview tangentially related to The National

The National have always been a ‘band of brothers’: Bryce and Aaron Dessner, Bryan and Scott Devendorf, and then there’s Matt Berninger. The group’s towering frontman is the sole figure of the band lacking a ‘brother’. He’s not an only child, as many might assume; his brother just prefers heavy metal. Tom Berninger, the younger…

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The Act of Killing

Indonesia is geographically adjacent to us and has a population of 238 million people, as well as a government that celebrates and endorses the mass murdering of more than half a million people that occurred between 1965 and 1966.

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Review: Wadjda at the Sydney Film Festival

Wadjda navigates the often non-existent line between criticism of a patriarchal state and Islamaphobia. It gives the debate – which is the euphemism for misinformed and often racist assertions about what Islam is – complexity.