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“In the modern era, many people have come up with hare-brained ideas about how to change the world around us, and more recently, to ‘settle’ new planets. I don’t know if that’s viable. But I think it’s the stuff of science fiction, rather than reality.”

“Asian Australians (and other racial minorities, for that matter), are then fed the idea that if we’re model citizens—if we’re successful, well-behaved, and grateful, then we’ll get to belong. But that’s not true, either.”

“As Australians, we’re all so accustomed to consuming culture about foreign places. I think reading stories set at home can be really powerful. It sort of gives us permission to think of our lives as worthy of artistic attention.”

Harper’s thrillers bridge the gap between commercial and literary because, in her own words, she is always asking of her characters: “What pressure are they under…what’s keeping them awake at night…what kind of family dynamic do they have?”