On the Mistreatment of Philosopher Kings

The Only True Wisdom by Dylon Stubbs:

Greetings,  humanist world-travellers!

People often ask me, “IronCharioteer1992 [my online persona], why are people like you and I so unjustly maligned?” and I (as ever) look to the best-trodden wisdom of the ancients and magnanimously retort:

“Concerning the things about which you ask to be informed I am not ill-prepared with an answer” (that was Socrates)

Why, because we are philosopher kings.

The Philosopher King is a rare and gentle species. They are lifted from the works of Plato and probably suspect what they are! Slow to warm to unfamiliar people or situations, the Philosopher King is most at home inside a self-contained subterranean castle within their own or other’s kingdom, where they can enjoy foreign cartoons, free speech, and hearty debate outside of the public eye. While the Philosopher King may appear aloof, they warm quickly to those who ply their favour with food (or other treats)!

And yet, some refuse to acknowledge the humble majesty of the Philosopher King. Our wisdom is decried with buzzwords like “problematic” and “selfish”, and our very way of life—founded on traditional values, freedom of speech, and chivalry—is threatened by the thought police. Police undoubtedly surpassing the terror of Orwell’s creations, if only by the very fact that they are not fiction!

Many will find this way of life alienating—both those who observe and those who pursue it—but should you ever feel alone on your journey remember me, and remember the words of beloveds like the great contrarian Christopher Hitchens who reminds us: “take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty and wisdom will come to you that way.”

Carpe Diem, Dylon Stubbs

“He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither.”

(That’s Jefferson! )

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