THE GARTER ELECTION EXCLUSIVE: Who is NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley? No… really, who is he?

The Garter has no state politics correspondent. No-one does.

Yea, look. We’ve been promising some sweet election coverage, and I guess this is kinda election coverage anyway, but we’re not 100% on who he actually is.

Like, I genuinely have no idea. I wanna say he has glasses…but that’s mostly a hunch.  I know he’s almost definitely a white dude.

If anyone has any information whatsoever about Luke Foley, please send it, cos we are all stumped. Am I even spelling that right? It is Luke, right? I’m like, 70% sure it’s Luke.

Alright, I went on the website and there’s three white dudes. He’s either bald and skinny, brown-haired and fit or blonde and pudgy. He’s probably the one in the middle, hey.

The middle is where you put the most important person.

Wait, is Luke Foley the most important one at the moment?

The election’s coming up really soon and we really need to know this. Help please.