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Review: Amy Schumer in an Actual Trainwreck

Breathy Moments with Amber Swamp

In this business, every so often, you come across someone whose work really resonates with you. While it’s safe to say I’m not the only one that feels this way, it’s no less a pleasure to come across someone like Amy Schumer in a horrible train wreck.

Trainwreck revolves around an eight carriage express service hitting a dangerous corner at a speed that would be fine on straights and well-maintained tracks. The protagonist (Amy Schumer) is one of around a hundred passengers, dead or injured after all eight carriages derail.

Moving with almost parabolic elegance, Schumer is powerful in the role of her career.

There are naysayers, I’m sure. Pundits behind the curve who will cry things like “oh my God, this woman is dying,” and “please, somebody, call an ambulance,” but watching Amy Schumer in an actual trainwreck is inspired.

Don’t mind the warnings. This is one for the whole family. Catch it while you can!