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UTS Student Association sacks Vice-President, citing “harassment” and plagiarism

Naaman Zhou reports

The University of Technology Sydney Student Association (UTSSA) has passed a motion this week calling for the organisation’s own Education Vice-President, Melissa Treacey-Maclean, to resign.

The March 14 motion, which passed with 14 votes in favour and four against, alleged that Treacey-Maclean’s behaviour constituted “bullying and harassment” and ran “counter to the aims of the organisation”.

Convenor of the UTS Womn’s Collective, Beatrice Tan, said she approved of the decision and was “glad to be able to speak about this issue”.

Tan is a member of Student Unity, while Treacey-Maclean is a member of rival faction National Labor Students.

The motion’s mover and current Disability Officer, Andrea Zephyr (Independent Labor), told Honi Treacey-Maclean had “created stress for the organisation and herself, since starting the role in 2016”.

“I myself am relieved she is no longer in a position of power.”

Multiple witnesses described the council meeting as emotionally charged, with council members crying as they discussed the issue.

Honi understands the allegations of plagiarism revolve around sections of the UTSSA OWeek handbook, which has been taken off stands.

Honi contacted Treacey-Maclean and UTSSA President Sammy Howes, but neither chose to comment.