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Sewage leak leaves SRC offices more than usually full of shit

Sam Langford is a shit journalist chasing shit leaks

A smelly liquid believed to be sewage is currently leaking into the underground offices of the University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council (SRC) in the Wentworth Building.

The leaks, which began between 3.00 and 3.30pm today, are affecting the President’s office and the Wom*n’s Room, as well as several metres of hallway and the SRC bathrooms.

SRC President Chloe Smith was unable to confirm the source of the leak as plumbing falls outside her constitutionally defined duties. “I can tell you it’s gross, and I don’t want the SRC to pay for it”, she said.

Stacks of excess Honi Soit are being used to absorb and contain the puddles of sewage until the source of the leak is identified. A bystander described the paper as “surprisingly absorbent”. 1

The SRC offices also house various caseworkers, solicitors, administrative staff, and of course the editors of this student newspaper.

The offices were closed at 4.45pm due to what an SRC Facebook post described euphemistically as “flooding”.

“I was told I would have a lot of shit to deal with in my job, I just didn’t know it would be literal,” SRC General Secretary Georgia Mantle said.

It is understood that there have been leaks from upper floors in the past.

The SRC underwent substantial renovations in January last year.

Claudia Rankine, Citizen: An American Lyric (2014); “Language that feels hurtful is intended to exploit all the ways that you are present.” 134

  1. This is not the first time Honi has been compared to toilet paper. It is also not the first time the paper has been described as “full of shit”.