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The Jacaranda tree in the Quad has died

Andrew Bell reports.

The infamous jacaranda tree in the Quadrangle has died.

It was found this morning, uprooted in the dew, while a string quartet played a soft melody for the white wedding that was set up on the adjacent grass.


The jacaranda tree has been monitored by campus maintenance services for a while now. It seems the cause of death was simply old age.

Four replacement trees are available for the University to use, each of which has been grown from the same genetic material of the recently deceased tree.

A soil sample was taken this morning by a consulting arborist. Remedial processes will be undertaken on the supporting soil to ensure that the chosen new jacaranda will have the best start at its new life.

Honi understands that the fact that the tree has literally uprooted itself (let alone ceased to flower) means all students do not have to study for exams.

Recent campus news outlet, The Ausrtailan, was first to report the news.