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University calls bullshit on reports that millionaire paid for toilet upgrades

It appears the University has paid for upgrades to its own toilets, contrary to a report by the Sunday Telegraph.

An overhead image of construction tools outside the lower ground female toilets in the Quad. Construction tools outside the female toilets

The University has denied reports that millionaire Neville Crichton paid for an upgrade to toilet facilities in the Quadrangle.

On Sunday, March 26, the Sunday Telegraph published an article saying Crichton would pay $20,000 to renovate bathrooms in the Quad ahead of his wedding in the Great Hall, to make them more comfortable for his guests.

The article includes quotes from a “university staffer” indicating their excitement about the maintenance works.

However, a University spokesperson told Honi, “No individual has paid to upgrade toilet facilities in the Great Hall”.

“The University has upgraded these facilities as part of our Amenities Improvement Program,” the spokesperson said.

One set of female bathrooms appears to have been upgraded already, with new tiles, basins, mirrors and freshly-painted stall doors.

Another set of female toilets and the male toilets are currently under construction.

An image showing construction signs at the entrance to one of the female bathroom blocks in the Quad.
Construction signs at the entrance to one of the female bathroom blocks in the Quad

Honi has reached out to the University for further comment.

The Sunday Telegraph reached out to Crichton, but said he declined to comment.