2017 USU Board election sees lowest turnout in at least seven years

Zhixian Wang was elected despite being excluded from campaigning for nearly a week.

Who knew board directors were so deep?

Hengjie Sun, Jacob Masina, Claudia Gulbransen-Diaz, Liliana Tai, Adam Torres, and Zhixian Wang successfully elected USU Board Directors in an election with only 3454 votes cast.

The students will serve as directors for the next two years.

Sun polled in first place with 637 primary votes, followed by Masina (467), Gulbransen-Diaz (358), Tai (407), Torres (429) and Wang (380).

Wang was elected despite being excluded from the ballot — and campaigning — for nearly four days during the first week of campaigning.

This is also the first time two international student candidates have been elected.

In comparison, last year’s highest-polling candidate, Yifan Kong, received 1451 votes.

Alexander Shu, Sally Yang, Caitlin McMenamin and Erika Salmon were not elected.


In 2015, the voter turnout was 3919, which Honi reported at the time was “the lowest turnout since 2009, the year before incentives were first introduced”.

The results reflect Honi’s exit polling conducted yesterday, which placed these six candidates in the top positions.

The announcer declared the third highest-polling candidate as Caitlin McMenamin, then was corrected to Gulbransen-Diaz.

Please note, these are only preliminary results still subject to regulations, and Honi has been notified that there were a number of complaints against Sun’s campaign.