Residential colleges to boycott St Paul’s event in light of sexist comments

The call to boycott follows comments by Paul's students comparing sex with large women to "harpooning a whale"

St Pauls may face poor college attendance at their end of semester Full Moon party, tonight.

Students at the University of Sydney’s Women’s College, St John’s College, and Wesley College are tonight boycotting an event hosted by St Paul’s at their college bar, in light of a St Paul’s student’s sexist comments.

The comments were made in a post in the St Paul’s students’ Facebook group in March. The post, comparing sex with large women to “harpooning a whale” and offering to help the boys “get rid of some chick” if she did not leave after a “rooting”, received widespread attention today following a article.

As Honi reported this afternoon, head of St Paul’s College Ivan Head has since warned his students against such posts as they may harm their “future CVs”.

After a third year Wesley student allegedly messaged the Women’s College to say that several girls were planning on foregoing tonight’s event at the Salisbury (Sals), the Women’s House Committee decided to encourage their students to follow suit.

Every Wednesday, at least one college usually hosts a party for other students to attend; tonight, St Paul’s was looking to celebrate the end of semester with a ‘Full Moon’ party.

“I think the boycotting of the Sals is sending a powerful message to St Paul’s that sexism will not be tolerated,” a Women’s College student told Honi.

“In particular, it demonstrates to St Paul’s that Women’s has never, and will never, condone this behaviour towards them.”

Following the action of Women’s College, Honi has been told that St John’s College House Committee has also encouraged their students to boycott tonight’s event in solidarity.

It is rumoured that some students at Women’s College are planning on attending St Paul’s tonight, but will wear shirts with whales drawn on them in protest. A hashtag #wednesdaysareforthegirls has also been circulating.