USU Board candidates’ quiz 2017

Are you smarter than a USU Board candidate?

Wondering where that percentage on each board candidate’s summary came from? Well, here’s the quiz! Try it out yourselves and see how you shaped up in comparison. Published with thanks to USU President Michael Rees and former USU Board Director Liv Ronan.

Section 1: Multiple Choice (one mark per question)

1. Who is jointly and severally liable for the debts and liabilities of the USU as an unincorporated organisation? 

a. Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence
b. The President and Treasurer of the USU
c. Each member of the Board of Directors
d. All of the above

2. What was the USU’s revenue in the 2015/2016 financial year?

a. $24,576,774
b. $25,668,665
c. $26,422,822
d. $27,101,329

3. Did the USU make a deficit or an operating contribution in the 2015/2016 financial year?

a. Deficit
b. Operating contribution
BONUS POINT: What was the figure of money to the nearest $100,000?

4. How much money did the USU receive in the 2016 SSAF negotiations?

a. $2,800,000
b. $3,100,000
c. $3,600,000
d. $4,300,000

Section 2: Short Response

5. Name as many locations which the USU’s Welcome to Sydney Tours attended this year as you can (3 marks).

6. Name as many USU-owned outlets on campus as you can (10 marks).

7. Name all the major sources of USU funding (8 marks).

8. As a not-for-profit organisation, what happens when the USU’s annual revenue exceeds its costs and liabilities?*

9. What are the different USU Portfolios that Board Directors are eligible to nominate themselves to be the ‘Portfolio Holder’ of at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the USU? (5 marks)

10. What other elected positions can USU Board Directors nominate for at the USU AGM? (7 marks)

11. List the four USU Committees (4 marks)

12. List the four USU Working Parties (if you don’t know the official name, describe what that working party does) (4 marks)

13. Name the themed weeks or festivals that the USU ran in 2016? One point for each correct event named (9 marks).

14. Name the 7 Departments of the USU and their Head of Department (7 marks — one half mark for each).

15. How much does ACCESS cost:

a. For a first time purchase (1)
b. To renew an existing membership (1)
c. To purchase a three-year membership (1)
d. To purchase a five-year membership (1)

*This question was not included in the final tallying of quiz scores as answers differed too significantly to be marked objectively.

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