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‘Nazi youth organising on your campus’: Neo-Nazi recruitment posters found at USyd

The Antipodean Resistance was responsible for a number of homophobic posters linking same-sex marriage to pedophilia.

The posters found on campus. Photo: Ann Ding

Content warning: racism, antisemitism, homophobia

Posters bearing the imagery and name of the Antipodean Resistance, a neo-Nazi youth group, have been found glued to the walls of the Brennan MacCallum Learning Hub.

“No drugs, no degeneracy, no tolerance,” the poster reads before linking to the group’s online info page. Between the words is an image of a skull wearing a hat with a swastika.

Another reads, “Nazi youth organising on your campus!”

The group is largely known for its posters and stickers which they place in cities around Australia, often targeting university campuses. According to their website, their main activities include “postering, stickering, hiking, camping, martial training and creating murals”.

“We’re the Hitlers you’ve been waiting for,” the website reads.

“We will be at the forefront of Australian National Socialist activism, filling a long empty void. We will bring the final victory of White Australia through rallies, demonstrations, and postering. We will lay the groundwork for our own unity via social events and group activities”.

Previously, the group was responsible for a number of homophobic posters linking same-sex marriage to pedophilia that surfaced in Melbourne during the same-sex marriage postal survey, as well as Chinese language posters that threatened Asian university students with deportation.

“We are committed to ensuring that our community is a safe, inclusive and supportive one. Any graffiti or posters of a racist nature are removed as soon as possible,” a University spokesperson said.

“We would urge anyone with knowledge of incidents to always report them to Campus Security for appropriate investigation and further action.”

At the time of publishing two posters remained visible, while a third had been torn down.

Earlier this year, University of Sydney students confronted a member of Vanguard for SRC ticket who had posted material on Facebook defending Adolf Hitler.