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Day 1: USU exit polls

Zimeng Ye steams ahead in the first day of voting in the USU elections.

Follow along live as USyd decides if USU are the one.

Disclaimer: Honi Editors Lamya Rahman and Liam Donohoe are not involved in any decisions or contributions to USU Board Election coverage.

Voting in the USU elections is open at International Student Lounge (ISL) and Manning until 4 pm today. Honi‘s out and about, asking voters to fill out an informal exit poll. We’ve been asking who their first preference was, as well as second and third preferences if they had them.

At ISL so far we’ve had 147 responses. At Manning, we’ve had 74 responses. That makes for a total sample of 221 at the time of writing.

Zimeng Ye has received close to half of all first preferences—48.3 per cent, to be precise. This is an astonishing proportion of the vote, and puts her on track to be elected above quota on first preferences alone. To be elected above quota, a candidate must receive one fifth of the vote (first preferences or otherwise).

Ye received 80 first preferences at ISL, representing over half of all first preferences.

Lachlan Finch received the lion’s share of second preferences, with 32.1 per cent. Most of these preferences flowed from Ye: her how-to-vote cards suggest voters preference Finch second.

The results below will be updated as we receive more data.