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Gone Fishing: Microwaves removed from Library

Replacements are expected to arrive early next week

Fisher Library has mourned the loss of two of its most prized possessions—two 1100W microwaves formerly located inside Level 3 South. The pair were removed from library premises after they suddenly stopped working last week.

The Library is one of the few publicly accessible areas in the University offering free to use microwaves for students and staff. The microwaves’ absence has been felt heavily by students, some of whom did not immediately recognise the appliances were out of service.

Aidan Molins, a fourth year Bachelor of Arts student, had visited Fisher Library late last week to heat homemade beef chilli. When one of the microwaves failed to turn on, Molins unplugged the appliance and attempted to replug it into various powerpoints around the area.

“It would turn on for a bit and then when I started to microwave, turn off.”

Other students tried similar methods, with varying levels of success, until library administrators reportedly stepped in and had the microwaves removed for health and safety reasons. Honi understands the University has since ordered two new microwaves, projected to arrive early next week. At the time of publication, the make and model of the new microwaves was unknown, although a library spokesperson has confirmed, “they are industrial so hopefully quite robust.”

Although many are pleased with the news of replacement microwaves, some students have shared scepticism over the requested quantity. “The same model is fine, but there needs to be more than two,” said Sophia Zou, an honours student in a Bachelor of Arts (Languages). It is unclear at this stage if the Library intends to expand its microwaving services.

The Library has helpfully placed signs that direct students to other free to use on-campus microwaves until replacements are installed.  In the meantime, the loss of two of USyd’s most popular possessions is not without a silver lining.

“The days after they broke were so good because the area didn’t smell disgusting,” admitted Molins.

“Why is anyone using Fisher microwaves? Good riddance, I say,” said another student.

More to come.