USU Board Candidates 2019: Christina Lee

Honi's profile and full interview with 2019 USU Board Candidate Christina Lee


Medical Science III

“Goodness Me, It’s Tina Lee”.

Quiz Score: 72%.

Interviewed by Joe Verity and Jessica Syed. 

Candidate Profile: 

Tina Lee lays claim to what is probably the most impressive list of involvement with USU clubs and societies, a fact noted even by other candidates when speaking to Honi. She has been on the executive of eight clubs and societies, and already holds life membership of the Union. On top of this, she was the USU Volunteer of the Year in 2018.

In spite of this leadership experience, Lee defers a lot of her hypothetical decision-making to “what the board decides” when prompted with scenarios faced by past directors – with little consideration of the fact she herself may be on the board too, with the propensity to sway a vote one way or another. This line of thinking quickly proves contradictory: speaking to Honi, she at once says that she wouldn’t take a political stance against the majority of the board, then pivots to say that she would take a stance if the majority were acting against students’ best interests. But “students’ best interests” is something Lee references extensively, but fails to define in any tangible, specific way.

Lee adopts an unorthodox view on recent changes to C&S funding, arguing that the new model is “quite good” and “sustainable.” She concedes that some smaller societies may benefit less from the model (something she would be willing to discuss with individual societies). She is articulate in her support for affirmative action, and a diverse union. Her policy of introducing events to celebrate First Nations culture is one of few that directly addresses First Nations people among the 2019 candidates, though her level of consultation with First Nations groups here is unknown. Lee is undoubtedly qualified, but her decision-making processes remain opaque.