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Students recently in China isolated in repurposed student accommodation

The University is isolating students recently in China and those with flu symptoms over coronavirus fears.

A number of students recently returned from China have been placed in isolation accomodation at the University of Sydney over coronavirus concerns, with the University repurposing two of its smaller residences.

Under new Australian Government guidelines, those students who have recently returned from Hubei Province, the epicentre of the virus, and those that have left China after February 1, must self-isolate for 14 days from their date of departure.

However as an additional precaution, the University is also isolating students who have arrived from China in the past two weeks. Students with flu symptoms, including those that have been cleared by a medical professional as not having the coronavirus, will also be isolated.

Isolated students have been provided with bed linen, towels, hand sanitiser, a face mask and a wifi dongle.

The University has also provided students with a Visa card so they can purchase food and other essential items whilst in isolation. However, they have stressed the importance of wearing a face mask whilst outside, not visiting public spaces and minimising interaction with others.

Honi understands that one of the two places that students have been moved to means students will be sharing a kitchen and a bathroom.

Students’ existing campus accommodation rooms will not be allocated to anyone else during their isolation period.

Further, in an email to students this evening, Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence announced delays of two weeks to the commencement of the Master of Commerce and Master of Professional Accounting degrees.

These latest developments follow increasing concern over the coronavirus, which has already seen enrolment dates pushed back, a travel ban instituted and a USU Student Director resign.