Honi Soit Writing Competition 2020


NON-FICTION, judged by award-winning journalist Rick Morton.

“Meaning-making in the age of collapse”, Eliza Victoria (WINNER)

“Am I an aristocrat?”, Oscar Eggleton (2nd Place)

“[for those who have been displaced] لالنازحین“, Emilie Heath (3rd Place)

“‘Music to riot with’: An exploration of Detroit techno, Afrofuturism and anti-colonialism’”, Seamas Pragnell (editor’s choice)

FICTION, judged by queer writer and sex worker Tilly Lawless.

Winter“, Amy Wang. (WINNER)

“Voices from the Underground”, Edie Griffin (2nd Place)

Tomorrows“, Alvin Chung. (3rd Place)

Billie (circa 2010-2020)”, Libby Newton (editor’s choice) 

SUBMISSIONS – closed for 2020

As we figure-eight through the motions, we approach ruptures in time. We fall outside the present into a void, melting and fusing at the edges like amoeba. Lights (red and blue) and sounds (sirens wailing) invade this space. Walls break down. Bandanas. Face masks. Gas masks. We terraform this void and repopulate.

Welcome to DISRUPTION, Honi Soit’s 2020 writing competition. In both our fiction and non-fiction categories, we are looking for work that pushes the boundaries of form and concept, and innovatively questions what it means to disrupt and to be disrupted.

Non-fiction pieces can be up to 1200 words, and must be of an opinion genre with a clear argument. Draw inspiration from all areas of life, imagined and otherwise; convince, challenge and provoke us!

Fiction pieces can be up to 2000 words or 40 lines (depending on medium). You can write in any style, including but not limited to prose and poetry. Feel free to interpret the theme as broadly or as specifically as you wish, just make sure to maintain a thematic link.

Entries open on 11th May, and will close on 6th July at 11.59pm. EDIT: There is a category extension for non-fiction submissions, new closing date is the 26th of July at 11.59pm.

You can submit one work per category, for a total of two pieces maximum. Please note that you must be a USyd student to enter this competition.

Send in your entries here!


In each category:

First place — $1000

Second place — $500

Third place — $250

People’s choice — $50


An award presentation evening will be held to celebrate winners and contributors. Expect drinks, nibbles and entertainment. The date will be announced once the COVID-19 restrictions are loosened. All will be welcome!

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Competition Terms and Conditions