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Lost in Macau 濠鏡夜行

The strong comparison between the luxury and the poor

By Meng Seng Ieong

When talking about Macau, the first image comes to my mind is not those luxurious casinos and restaurants.

I love those city views hidden in the unknown places.

That’s the reason why I love walking on streets

To use my camera to record these views.

An old junkman was collecting discard papers in front of a Japanese restaurant.

The poor living under the surface of a luxurious city.

Bright yellow with dark blue tones comparison is common in the street.

Shot in Macau, 2018.

A bokeh (out of focus) photo on a person walking on the pawnshops surrounding the casinos. A refection of the bustling urban night city view.

Shot in Macau, 2019.

An old man walking alone in the residential area at midnight.

Something the old solitary people will do as pastime.

Shot in Macau, 2018.

A Southeast Asia labour worker walking alone on the tourism district after the work.

Lots of them come to Macau for the high salary compared to their countries.

They usually work until the midnight to earn as much as they can and send it to their families.

Shot in Macau, 2020.

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